The Culture Industry Forum In 2021, culture industry leaders and experts from China and around the world will gather to deliberate over the future development of China’s culture industries. Together they will explore new ideas, innovations and developments influencing the pivotal culture industry hub of the Yangtze River Delta over the next decade.

Rail+Metro China

The China International Railway Conference for Urban & Intercity Rail Transit
APEC Innovation in Public Transport (INPUT) Competition
Belt & Road Young Transport Talent Plan (BRYYT PLAN)


Keynotes Focusing on the very latest technological innovations and global advances, Tech G’s keynotes provide one of the most impressive release platforms available. Presented by Tech G and open to all professional tech industry audiences and media, they are one of the best ways for internationally renowned consumer technology brands to raise their presence and…


The China International Lubricant Industry Development Forum
China International Metalworking Fluids & Surface Cleaning Technology Development Summit
The China Lubricant Distributor and Dealer Program


The Lujiazui Conference for Senior Care in China
The Shanghai International Elderly Service Industry Summit
The China Senior Care Entrepreneurial Design & Innovation Awards

Music & Life Show

Music & Life advocates the connection between music and culture, and between music and life. It is devoted to cultivating consumer markets, improving people’s musical literacy, and to promoting cultural heritage. Launched in Shanghai and now spreading to different cities in China, the show presents the charm of music and the beauty of life.